Helpful hints for you!

Here are some tips that can help you take better care of your garments

Bring your garment in for professional cleaning as soon as possible after any spotting occurs. Spots and soil which are left too long can be impossible to remove and can shorten the life of your garment.

Point out any light or difficult to see spots that you are aware of; such as wine or soft drink stains, which may require special treatment.

Try to keep wet perfumes, deodorants, antiperspirant and other toiletries from coming into contact with your clothes. These products are likely to contain alcohol or other chemicals, which can effect some dyes. Allow them to dry before dressing.

Matching pieces should be cleaned together including bedspreads and drapes, so that any fading will be uniform and the pieces will still match.

Don’t press stained or soiled clothes. Heat can set some stains.