From delicate lace and silk, to fur trim, suede, leather, cashmere and wool - womenswear is all about the unique details. You spend time and money picking that perfect outfit and now you don't need to worry when you are having it cleaned.

Every item that you bring is evaluated by our staff to ensure that the most appropriate cleaning method is used. And when needed, many are cleaned entirely by hand.

Stains are removed by hand prior to dry cleaning as well. Any loose buttons are re-attached for you at no cost.

Woman's Garments are always finished by hand and after final inspection are packaged and ready for you to look good in them again! Chanel®, Ralph Lauren®, Gucci®, Prada®, CK®, MK®, Burberry®, Marc Jacobs®, and Fendi® are only a few of the designers' products that our specially trained.

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